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The design of a beautifully finished concrete floor 2970

Previously, mountain people used bamboo and wood to make stilt houses. However, current forest resources need to be protected, so timber becomes a precious material. Therefore, the stilt house with cheap concrete is the construction direction is being developed.

The design of a beautifully finished concrete floor

From the natural material to concrete, reinforced concrete but basically it retains the traditional beauty, habits of living for the people. Moreover, the models of beautiful and cheap concrete floors contribute to the protection of forests, protect the environment and save the construction cost for the people.

What is a concrete stilt house?

concrete stilt house

Stilted floor of beautiful concrete
Stilted floors are made of reinforced concrete to replace the usual natural materials such as wood and bamboo. However, these beautifully constructed concrete floors will be designed so that they will retain their traditional beauty and ensure normal human habits.

Why mountain people choose stilts with beautiful cheap concrete

concrete stilt house

Stilted concrete floors are nice
The stilt houses are built in mountainous areas to meet the needs of people like living in a relaxing, cool space, avoiding animals. In addition to the construction of stilt houses to live, the people here also built stilt houses for ecotourism and tourism.However, forest resources are being depleted and timber needs to be protected. So if you continue to build the house on stilts, wood in the forest will be exploited a lot. This made the people of mountainous areas choose cheap concrete floors to replace the wood.

The most beautiful models of concrete floors are the most popular

Stilt floor 180m2 in concrete in Hoa Binh

concrete stilt house

Beautifully made concrete floor – sample 1
This is a beautiful concrete flooring in Mai Chau – Hoa Binh. This is one of the very special houses in architecture. It is designed to blend the traditional stilt house architecture and the modern and unique roof style. To protect the nature, protect the forest, Mr. Nam – the owner of a beautiful 180m2 concrete floor has given priority to concrete materials, bricks, glass doors, cement and steel. These modern materials still retain the beauty of ancient architecture, creating comfort and convenience for the users. The beautifully furnished 180m2 house in Hoa Binh has brought a cool, spacious, comfortable and modern space for the users. This is the ideal architecture to make resort villas.

150m2 modern house on stilts in Thanh Hoa

concrete stilt house

The floor is made of cheap concrete – sample 2
150m2 modern house on stilts in Thanh Hoa that we would like to introduce to you today are many investors love by unique beauty. It creates modern beauty, spacious but not forget to keep the traditional features of the floor. These modern stilts are designed by the architect and bring a more sophisticated beauty to the page, saving the maximum cost.The floor space is skillfully used for garage. The roof is combined and shaped by modern materials, completely replacing materials from nature such as wood, leaves, …

Beautiful house floor imitation of wood

concrete stilt house

The beautifully finished 3-storey concrete house


In order to avoid the depletion of forest resources, the owners have shifted from wooden stilt houses to concrete materials. The replacement of concrete materials still guarantees a cool, relaxing space extremely convenient.

In addition, the choice of imitation wooden concrete also makes the space becomes sweet, pleasant, with color as well as friendly space, quite similar to the traditional wooden flooring. This makes the feeling as well as the feeling of people living in this space have not changed.

With the development of technology and culture as the present, the sculpture on the concrete is quite easy even decorative motifs are used more popular and easier. These decorative motifs are the strongest thing that make concrete flooring models fake concrete is not only soft winding but these decorative lines also make the space structure of the house become very self. , very attractive.

Stylish concrete house on stilts

concrete stilt house

The floor is made of cheap concrete – sample 4


This is a house style concrete floor villa style has both luxury and modern style subtle modern. The owner of this villa is very fond of the stilt house. So he asked us to design villas in the style of stilt house in Vietnam. One of the basic features of the stilt house architecture is the building of solid concrete column blocks that support the upper house block. In this beautifully decorated concrete house, architects chose a white tone to highlight the overall architecture. This villa type villa is designed with wood material as the main. The wood used is high quality wood, resistant to termites. In addition, traditional roof tiles are also used in this villa. The tiled roof is designed with a large slope, four-dimensional roof shape in the form of quadrilateral with wide rim of racing around the house. It not only helps drainage in the rainy season, protects the house but also helps the house show the luxury and class.

Interior design in beautiful concrete floor

concrete stilt house

Concrete house with beautiful interior design


When designing interior in the beautiful concrete flooring we tried to retain the natural beauty inherent in the traditional stilts. Therefore, the space of cheap concrete floors will be decorated in a simple, pleasant and simple to the maximum. The hardest thing in interior design of these concrete stilts is that the architects must design so that the walls of the concrete are strong and soft. Many types of concrete floors are spray painted and covered by new configuration with wood pattern, giving the viewer feel very similar to the design of real wood. In addition, the color and style of interior combined with concrete and wood combine to make the space becomes sweet and simple. This is to cover the disadvantages of hardened concrete walls.

The concrete flooring create good relaxation space

concrete stilt house

Garden space in the floor with beautiful cheap concrete

In addition to the housing, the model of beautiful concrete floors are also suitable for relaxation, fun and relaxation for the family of investors. Therefore, the space around the house floor is designed garden space, or green swimming pool to relax for the whole family. The concrete stilt houses overcame the functionality of a typical home and became the ideal retreat for anyone wanting to live life once.


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