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The 100m2 mini villa the most unique form of the most popular 2018 2526

The mini villa 100m2 is gradually gaining much sympathy of the investors. The small size of this villa not only helps to save the maximum cost for the user. It also meets the requirements of the exterior, the layout of facilities. The 100m2 mini villa is well suited to the economic conditions of many Vietnamese families and also makes a difference to the modern architecture of 2018.

Mini villas with cool garden landscaping, unique decoration, striking colors create unique and luxurious architecture. Take a look at some of the beautiful mini villas below to get a unique idea for your home.

What is a mini villa?

mini villa

100m2 mini villa beautiful
In the architecture sector, there is no exact concept of mini villas. But after many years in the design and construction of civil houses we have the basic and simple understandings of mini villas as follows:Mini villas are houses with an area of 100m2 or less. Depending on the needs of the owner of the villa, mini villas are available as one-storey, 2-storey, 3-storey, 4-storey … Mini villa is ideal for land with area limit. It appears in many neighborhoods, villas or crowded residential areas.

Some principles when designing mini villas 100m2

mini villa

principle of building mini villa 100m2

Because mini villa 100m2 area is quite small. Therefore, it is necessary to have a suitable design plan to create a villa with intelligent functions, suitable with the preferences, habits and feng shui of each family. In addition, the design of mini villas must ensure the design of mini villas in 2018 not to be obsolete.

100m2 mini villa needs to match

mini villa

100m2 mini villa

When designing mini villas 100m2 need to ensure the balance between the main gate, fence and the house. Most of the mini villas are designed from 2 to 3 floors. Therefore, when building the main gate and the fence, it is necessary to adjust the height so that it is proportionate and suitable, ensuring the harmony of the overall architecture. Investors can plant climbing flowers in the port side so that the space is beautiful and more colorful.

If your home’s mini-villa has car garage layout, it should be located at the side of the house, parallel to the main door with the most suitable area is 3mx5m. The yard in front of the villa can be used as a place to rest, play with the tables, chairs, swings, …

Exterior decoration mini villa area of 100m2

mini villa

100m2 mini villa with nice exterior
If you design the entrance to the villa in the form of meander, winding instead of the straight type of hard as usual. Use natural materials such as stone, wood, rattan, children … to pave the way to create a close, unique space.In addition, the choice of exterior paint is also very important. With an area of 100m2 should choose the color white or neutral. These are bright colors that make the space more spacious. If you choose red roof tiles or dark colors, then paint the walls should choose light color.

Note in interior space mini villa design

Since the mini villas have a narrow area, interior space should be designed in a minimalist style. Limit the large, bulky furniture that takes up space. There should be too many restrictions on decorations, crowded pictures for space.

Introduce some beautiful 100m2 mini villas

These are some 100m2 mini villas are popular and is the dream of many investors with the desire to live in a luxurious, special and classy campus. Wishing to leave the noisy and busy life of the city, living in a quiet space, breathe the fresh air. So the mini villa pattern is more attractive to many people.

mini villa

mini villa 100m2 – sample 1
mini villa
Interior space of these 100m2 mini villas also brings ventilation, comfortable and comfortable for investors.



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