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Interior design luxury neoclassical luxury class 1920

Interior design neoclassical beautiful furniture is the trend is a lot of customers are interested and love. It is also understandable because of the neo-classical interior design of luxurious beauty, very own splendor.

Interior design luxury neoclassical luxury class

Normally the neoclassical interiors always choose bright colors such as yellow, white, yellow and white … and use the furniture with sophisticated designs. Especially in high-end urban areas such as Ciputra – Nam Thang Long urban area, Gamuda City ecological urban area, Ecopark, North An Khanh urban area, Vinhomes Long Bien … customers often choose to design neoclassical villas beautiful by the beauty and elegance very own.

Admire the beauty of the beautiful neoclassical interior design

Villa is a beautiful architecture, so when the interior design beautiful neoclassical architects always devoted their hearts to make beautiful works that make the owner happy. Along with the design, construction services of the Architec Vietnam is very perfect, always updated the new material with the trend of the times, reasonable prices to the home interior is not obsolete.

With a neoclassical-designed villa, there is no reason that the interior is classic or modern, depending on the architecture of the house architects will have advice on the design. Beautiful neoclassical interior design suitable to create a beautiful sync.

Interior design luxury

Nice living room with neo-classical style
The living room interior design is extremely luxurious but still retain the unique charm. The first impression when entering the living room is the sofas of chocolate felt sofas, beautiful sofas with curly girths and curves with the patterns highlighting the living room space. On each tea table, the necklace is neatly arranged with a gold tone that suggests a royal living room. The golden brown color of marble floor tiles makes the luxury space more class than ever.

Luxurious neo-classical interiors with gypsum ceiling

The beautiful ceiling attracted the look with the image of lotus petals from small to large plaster trimmed meticulous. Luminous luminous splendor with a lot of electric light as provocative with the surrounding. Tone yellow cream cover the entire living room, white color of wood cut CNC decoration stars see too lovely. Tempered glass doors are designed to be open to the light and the curtains combine to create a great atmosphere in the living room.

Interior design luxury

Picture of the neo-classical dining room interior
Interior design villa with living room and dining room separated by a wide door. In the luxurious space warm the dining room is beautiful and outstanding. The dining table is large enough for 10 people, the pretty chairs look under the marble as the beauty of the girls, the candles and flowers are waiting for a party. The unique interior design of the dining room is the ceiling, the highlight here is the wide glass, the light of glass and chandelier create a good effect for each meal.

Interior design luxury

beautiful neoclassical bedroom pictures
After a tiring day, where the owner expects most is the bedroom, the bedroom quietly ruined the owner to sleep well. The bedroom furniture design neoclassical villas are extremely luxurious class, from bed, gas pillows, bedside lamps, wall cabinets, curtains all tone with each other, beautiful chandelier candle light the romantic light. The wide glass window is not limited to the view of nature, from the soft bed overlooking the beautiful garden through the window is nothing more wonderful.

See beautiful interior design villas with luxurious yellow tone

Interior design luxurybathroom lighting fixtures

beautiful neoclassical bath
Beautifully furnished villa with modern luxury bathroom with high quality furniture waiting for the owner to wash away the dirt during the day. With the right design all the accessories are neatly arranged to the convenience of the owner. Soaking in the beautiful tub with the fragrance of flowers, it feels like being in a luxurious spa. The warm yellow light with the warm light allows the owner to comfortably relax in the bathroom in all weather conditions.

Today, bathing and toilet space is no longer considered an extra space, even many families are not afraid to spend a large amount of money to create a modern bathroom space is not inferior to the area. spa professional. Beautiful interior design villas not only ensure a comfortable space but also require beautiful design and luxury.


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